DEC 2014 Act Locally. Impact Nationally. Renewed Energy for 2015

DTI wishes you all a wonderful holiday season and a fantastic start to the New Year! We begin 2015 with renewed energy and focus.

IAD Act 2015

Last year we launched our “I am Fierce” campaign that focused on doulas owning their individual power and voice. This year we’re taking that one step further and focusing on DTI’s collective power. Our new campaign: Act locally, Impact nationally focuses on the ways that we should and can do better as an organization and community of doulas.

The growth of DTI continues to inspire us to take action steps toward impacting change for doulas and the families that we support. As our tribe grows, we’re launching several new initiatives for our doulas to play a central role in being part of the change that ripples out in every community.




Announcing DTI’s Ambassadors! 

The Ambassador applications have been received and all of the DTI Ambassadors have been chosen.  We want to congratulate and introduce the following people as the very first DTI Ambassadors! Click here to learn more about these fabulous women.

Laura McCrossan   Albany, NY

Simone Toomer    Brooklyn, NY

Paulyna Rivera,      Atlanta, GA

Dr. Tijana Sefic D.C Atlanta, GA

Kelli Stanley Bozeman, MT

Rachel VonDoepp Marin, CA

Kisha Mungkornpanich Austin, TX

Lenaya Kimball San Francisco, CA

Lizzie Frye Houston, TX


Our Ambassadors will connect DTI doulas in their local communities across the country.  Only together, can we build upon DTI’s foundation and continue to re-imagine the impact that doulas are making. DTI’s tribe is a collection of unique individuals who are all empowered to contribute, collaborate, and grow. The Ambassador Program will provide a structure for this to happen.

Over the next few months the Ambassadors in each area will announce DTI meetings for all DTI doulas to attend.

Nurses and Doulas Bridge Pilot Program is in development in partnership with several hospitals around the country. This program is designed to create a better understanding of the roles and scope of practice between nurses and doulas through workshops and dialogue circles. Our intention is to bridge and strengthen the relationship between doulas and nurses in support of better birth outcomes for women and families. We’re excited to launch this new initiative! If you are a certified DTI doula interested in starting a nurses and doulas bridge program in your community, please contact us. 


Community Advocacy Committee:

Every woman and baby must be equally valued and deserves the same respect and dignity at birth and through the transition of motherhood. As an organization, we are committed to addressing the disparities in care that we witness every day in our field of maternal health. In order to combat this, we must take a strong stand against the many forms that this abuse takes, especially when it comes to institutionalized racism that directly correlates to the disparities of health experienced by women of color AND birth workers of color.

10390938_782682391750570_2508758024722576610_nBeing part of the Grand Challenge  scholarship program is one way that DTI is actively working toward changing that. Let’s get down to the real issues, unify, listen, heal, and focus on the work ahead as a community of doulas. Last May, we received a grant in partnership with Syracuse Healthy Start to create a community doula training program supporting Syracuse Healthy Start mothers and families in Onondaga county. Our next Syracuse Healthy Start training is coming up this spring and we’re excited to collaborate with other leaders in the community to increase awareness and work collectively toward closing the gaps that disproportionately affect women of color and birth workers of color.

doulagrouDSC_7646We have created a committee specifically focusing on cultural competency and ways that DTI doulas and community organizations can partner to raise awareness, advocate, and organize around the issues facing women of color and birth workers of color. This affects us all because birth IS community. If you are a DTI doula interested in the Community Advocacy Committee please contact us.


DTI is expanding and coming to a city near YOU! Check out our new listing of trainings for 2015.


Join us in 2015 in taking action steps toward growing our tribe and making our collective voice clear and strong!

Love, DTI

Aimee, Gina and Tara

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