Comforting Touch for Doulas – Expert Affiliate Interview with Yiska Obadia-Gedal

Have you ever wondered how your client would like to be touched during labor? How counterpressure can impact the sensation of a contraction? Or how you can save your strength during a hip squeeze? Yiska Obadia-Gedal is here to help. Yiska is a New York City-based doula and “massagapuncturist” who has built her business based on Comforting Touch – for doulas, parents, babies, and postpartum.

Join DTI’s cofounder, Tara Brooke, as she talks to Yiska about slowing down, counter pressure techniques, the gate control theory of pain, counterposing to relieve tension, and self-care for doulas. You can also visit Yiska on the web to find resources (including some free resources), the guidebook, and class offerings.

Yiska talks with Tara about the free resources on her website.

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