Cloth Diapers 101

When my partner and I decided we wanted to do cloth diapers with our daughter, I was excited. And extremely lost, even as a doula. During my busiest working years, as a doula, I lived in NYC. Not a lot of my clients did cloth diapers. Maybe a handful. So I couldn't even pull from my working experience. I sat down and did some research, emailed friends, posted questions on facebook, picked peoples brains. By the end of it, I got some pretty awesome recommendation and instructions. And after my daughter was born, when I was able to put all of my knowledge into practice, I felt like a pro. So much so that when my younger sister reached out to me with the same questions, I wrote a very detailed email to her about what to get, how many and how to clean the diapers. 

When I looked back over this email, I thought, man this would have been awesome to give to my clients and/or friends who had questions about cloth diapers. So here it is, for you. There are so many great diapers and soaps out there but these are my favorites. Know it. Share it and enjoy 🙂 


Things you will need: 


  • Have the Decor or Garbage pail set up with cloth liner inside
    • I always put a few drops of Eucalyptus Oil on the fabric tag to make the pail smell good
  • ​At the changing table have:
    • Diapers
    • cloth wipes
    • spray bottle of wipe solution 
    • spray bottle of bac-out (3/4 bac-out to 1/4 water)
    • creams, lotions, etc 
  • After I remove the diaper:
    • If poopie: spray bac-out all over the poop…this removes stains and odors, then remove insert, wrap insert and dirty wipes in diaper and throw in decor
    • If just pee: remove insert, wrap insert and wipes in diaper and throw in pail
  • Washing
    • I remove the bag, open it and pull each diaper out by the outside (there are no poops or pees on the outside of the diaper), shake it out over the machine so the insert and wipes come out of the wrapped diaper and fall in the machine
    • First do a rinse cycle on COLD with a little white vinegar (this removes the odor)
    • Then add a scoop of soap and do a HOT wash cycle
    • If the diapers are really stained then do a extra HOT rinse, no soap!
    • Then hang on line in the direct sun (this removes the stains and odors)
    • After they are dry, stuff the diapers so you're ready to go and start ALL OVER AGAIN! 


​Happy Washing! 

Love, Gina 

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