Business Savvy Doula Interview Featuring Elizabeth Mangum

Why are you considered a business savvy doula?      

I am considered a business savvy doula because I live on the edge of innovation.  I travel internationally to meet doulas, midwives, and birth professionals around the world and seek to learn from pregnant women, and these professionals, about BIRTH in other cultures and my own.  I am open to new ideas and maintain an “open door” policy with the doulas in my practice, who are always sharing their talents and ideas with me. I listen to my own voice and internal knowledge when making decisions about my business and am open to stepping outside of the box.  My practice is currently co-producing, directing, and several doulas are cast in a production of “Birth”, a play by Karen Brody, for Labor Day 2011 as a way to raise consciousness around empowering birth experiences…this is what I mean when I say I am living on the edge of innovation!

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