Becoming A Postpartum Doula: Telisha Woodfin, DTI

Becoming A Postpartum Doula: Telisha Woodfin, DTI

For World Doula Week 2021, we’re profiling DTI doulas who are shaping the world through birth work, doula work and reproductive health advocacy.

What does it mean to live and work as a doula day-in and day-out?

Today, we’re featuring Telisha Woodfin, a postpartum doula based in Virginia.

Telisha Woodfin is a seasoned behavioral health professional with
over 18 years of experience supporting children and families
across Virginia. She is the founder of LIVLoved, a business that
supports new and expectant parents in the Richmond, VA area
through postpartum doula support, infant massage and parent

Telisha is also the co-founder of “The Momtourage,” an
online community for mothers. A graduate of Virginia
Commonwealth University, Telisha is a wife and mother to two
sons (7, 17) and a daughter (21). Her life mission is to nurture the
physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual well-being
of others by demonstrating love.

1.) What brought you to doula work?

My heart brought me to doula work. I have been supporting
children and families in various capacities for over 18 years. I naturally found myself, outside of my full-time job, supporting birthing individuals during pregnancy, postpartum and in parenting. I’d been asked if I do this as a business, but at the time, I wasn’t sure how or what it would look like. Once I became educated on the role of a doula, it all made sense: I was a doula at heart.

2.) What are you working on within your doula practice right now?

I am currently working to reach my target audience. Most postpartum doulas focus on the period after birth, but my practice extends all families, regardless of how they came to be (i.e., birth, surrogacy, adoption, foster
care, or kinship care).

3.) What’s in your doula support bag?

My ideal postpartum doula bag includes Chef Tye Hall’s protein bites, Self-Love Affirmation cards from Love Is, essential oils and tea light candles for birthing individuals.

And for me, I’d include a water bottle, protein bars, sweatshirt in case I get cold, socks, baby wrap, phone charger, gloves, extra masks and hand sanitizer.

4.) What’s your favorite doula book?

My favorite doula book right now is The First Forty Days. I
think it is a book that doulas and parents alike can relate to and benefit from.

5.) Describe your doula journey in three words.

Give, Receive, Live!

6.) What’s one thing you’d like to say to new doulas?

Practice holding space with yourself so that you can hold space with others.

7.) Any words you live by when providing doula support?

Every postpartum experience is different and so is the support needed.

8.) What’s one interesting thing you’ve learned about the human body, thanks to doula work?

The vulnerability and resilience of the human body.

9.) Your favorite tip for new parents?

Write your own parenting story.

10.) Your one wish for the birth world / reproductive health world at-large?

To prioritize and value birthing individuals.

Telisha is a trained doula and an active member of the DTI community.

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