Ask A DTI Doula: What Does Training Doulas Look Like?

A few weeks ago, we opened applications on a course that our team has been working on over the last year—our first-ever DTI doula teacher training program. Through the program, future-forward doulas, like-minded organizations and birth world thought leaders will have the ability to teach licensed DTI Full Spectrum and Birth and Postpartum stand-alone doula courses, as well as access our curriculum and educators.

Applications are now open through March 20, 2020—and if you’re interested in applying, here are six things you need to know.


1.) What is DTI’s Doula Teacher Training Program?

For the first time in DTI’s history, we are offering a doula educator licensing program. This means that DTI trained doulas and DTI members now have the opportunity to license our curriculum and become a DTI doula educator upon certification within the program.

2.) What does the program look like and what does it include?

Our goal at DTI has always been to offer a new model of doula training that was more inclusive and more accessible to all—and at this point in our growth, opening our curriculum up to the community feels imperative to DTI’s sustainability and mission. Through the program, future-forward doulas, like-minded organizations and birth world thought leaders will have the ability to teach licensed DTI Full-Spectrum and Birth and Postpartum stand-alone doula courses. The teacher training program includes:

  • 6-month online course
  • Group mentorship
  • 2 one-on-one mentor calls with Founding DTI Educators
  • a 3-day in-person workshop in Austin, TX at DTI HQ (travel and accommodations not included)
  • an Implicit Bias Training with Rebirth Equity
  • DTI Curriculum
  • DTI Teaching Manual
  • DTI Digital Workbook to use while teaching and presenting the DTI Materials
  • DTI marketing materials

DTI Educators who complete the program and go on to license the DTI Full Spectrum curriculum are able to teach in-person trainings. Trained DTI Educators are also eligible for contract work through DTI when work becomes available, too. (Educators re-apply to continue to license the DTI curriculum and hold DTI trainings every three years.)

3.) How much does the program cost?

The entire program costs $2200.
** 25% of each full priced registration goes towards our scholarship program
** If you need a payment plan, please email us at

4.) Are there scholarships available for the Teacher Training Program?

Yes, we are offering scholarships at 50% off for People of Color and/or Trans/Non-Binary Folks. Once you pay the application fee of $25, you will receive a link to the application. Just choose the option to be considered for a scholarship and we will be in touch.

5.) The organization I work for would like to teach DTI trainings. Is it possible for an organization to license the DTI Full Spectrum training?

Yes, it is. If your organization has more than 7 people that want to teach the DTI training reach out to us by email at and we can set up a training specifically for your organization.

6.) How do I apply?

There is $25 application fee and applications are open through March 20, 2020. You must be a trained DTI doula and current DTI member to apply (become a member here). If you are accepted into the program, this fee will be applied to the cost of the program. If you are not accepted into the program, the fee is non-refundable.

Click here to apply by March 20, 2020 or email us at to chat with someone about the program and whether it’s a good fit for you.