Announcing the DTI Learning Lab

Advanced Trainings for Doulas, Providers, and Parents

We are so excited to announce the launch of the DTI Learning Lab, an online school offering advanced trainings for doulas, parents, and professionals! There’s a huge appetite for all the unique things DTI has to offer that goes beyond what we can capture in our DTI2 Doula Training. Longtime career doulas aren’t seeking recertification but want to bring their business skills to the next level. Parents want to learn more about Compassionate Cesarean. Doctors, midwives, and nurses are curious about the Slow Doula Method™ and how to incorporate it into their work. Our own doulas are eager to hear our latest materials and dive deep into advanced topics. With the launch of the Learning Lab, we are thrilled to say that these needs and many more can be fulfilled.

The Learning Lab is for doulas, midwives, doctors, parents, anyone hoping to learn more on our subjects. Our Slow Doula Method™ course is tailor made for anyone who attends births, from doula to nurse to doctor to midwife. The Compassionate Cesarean course is perfect for parents as well as all birth attendants and providers. Our Interview BreakthroughThe Backup PlanDemystifying Client Meetings, and Understand Your Brand courses are designed specially for doulas and are available for purchase as a bundled Business Toolkit with a discount of over 20%. Read on below for in-depth descriptions and pricing information.

These courses are built on a state-of-the-art learning platform used by large companies and universities worldwide and feature videos that are rich with content presented in clear and concise ways so that you make the most of your time. Learning Lab offerings include professionally produced videos, extensive handouts with exercises and examples, and sample documents. Each course offers practical steps so that you can translate your learnings into real change.

We invite you to register directly through the Learning LabDTI doulas get 15% off all courses and bundles with the code DTIDOULA. You can pay securely in seconds with any major credit or debit card. Courses include access to all materials for a trimester (90 days) with full access to download all handouts for you to continue using.

Course Descriptions

Slow Doula Method™

A Transformative Approach to Birth and Postpartum Work

In this course, you’ll discover SDM®’s innovative method for providing team-based, respectful, and empowering support in birth and postpartum settings. You’ll learn a step-by-step method for developing your capacity for compassion, advocacy, and mindfulness, allowing you to create a true team in all the settings you practice in. You’ll find ways to encourage others to change their behavior without creating conflict. You’ll explore your own personal triggers and learn to recognize them before you lose your cool. You’ll establish strategies for ensuring that everyone in the room is part of a team unified by a goal of respectful care and support.

Participants who successfully complete our course materials and quiz will receive a certificate of completion that fully integrates with LinkedIn, giving you the chance to share your new training with colleagues, clients, and employers. You’ll also gain access to our exclusive SDM® Collective Facebook Group where you can share resources, experiences, and more with fellow SDM® Collective members. Finally, you’ll receive an SDM® Collective Member Badge for you to include on your website alongside your other certificates, degrees, and credentials.

Interview Breakthrough

Making the Most of Your Interviews

Successful interviewing isn’t about “just having the knack for it” or not. Break down the mysteries surrounding interviews and get a concrete sense of what topics to discuss, how to talk about yourself, which questions to anticipate, and even how to dress. Learn comprehensive interview preparation skills so that you will meet with clients who are a good fit and you come across at your fullest potential. Get ready to get hired more often!

Compassionate birthwarriorCesarean

Reimagining Cesarean Birth

We invite doulas, parents, and others involved in birth to learn more about what a Compassionate Cesarean is and how to advocate for and support one.

In this course, you’ll gain the tools to start pulling apart preconceived ideas of what cesarean birth is and to reframe your understanding of cesareans as a parent giving birth, not just a surgical experience with a passive participant. Learn practical skills for humanizing the cesarean birth experience for yourself, your clients, your friends and family, or your patients. Upon completion, you’ll be invited to participate in the DTI Learning Lab Compassionate Cesarean Connect Facebook group to stay connected with a community of others passionate about creating options for and affirming cesarean birth.

Understand Your Brand

Finding Your Brand and Putting It to Work

Have you ever heard terms like “brand identity” or “target customer” tossed around and wondered what it all meant? Would it surprise you to know that great branding isn’t a luxury but a true necessity for a sustainable business? In this course, you’ll discover what branding means, why branding is important, how to define your own unique brand, and ways to define and implement that brand in your business. Unlock your fullest potential to attract your ideal clients, setting yourself up for a fulfilling and sustainable career.

The Backup Plan

Creating a Sustainable Doula Practice

As doulas, we’re all familiar with the difficulties of being on-call for our clients. All too often, we neglect to protect our own time and space by treating backup as a just-in-case, only-if-absolutely-necessary component of our business—if we have backup at all.

In this course, you’ll learn how to build a strong backup relationship that will help you avoid burnout, navigate life transitions, and ultimately put you on a path toward a sustainable, long-term career as a doula. Learn how to use backup and in what situations as well as that critical piece of how to set up a backup agreement with another doula. Find out the best way to talk to your clients about backup so that they can understand how backup works powerfully in their favor as well.

Demystifying Client Meetings

Making Your Meetings Work

As a birth doula, how can you tell if you’re covering what you need to in your prenatal client meetings? How can you find out what you need to know about your clients to best support them? How can you spend an amount of time that fits in with your busy schedule?

Learn to go deeper in your client meetings, optimizing your approach to learn the most about your clients, give them what they need, and make these meetings work for you. 

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