A Must-Have Tool for Client Building

A Must-Have Tool for Client Building

One of the most asked questions we get at DTI is how to start out and maintain a thriving client base. Becoming a doula and getting out there to support folks through reproductive health transitions is big work. The calling to serve families in this way can only be achieved if you are able to reach them. And for some of us that feels hard on our own.  

Today, we want to introduce you to a tool that can help find new doula clients. By allowing you to proactively reach out to parents near you and putting your profile in front of thousands of parents every month, Meela is supporting doulas in building successful and sustainable businesses, and helping parents in need of doula support access care.


What is Meela you ask?

Meela is the leading platform designed to help you find more doula clients and build a sustainable business.  


Let us break it down for you. Meela is a website and get this, a mobile app that solves the challenge of growing a doula business and getting your name out there. By putting your doula business in front of thousands of parents each month and making it simple for you to directly, and proactively reach out to parents in your area, Meela helps you find the clients that need your support.

Meela is Risk free. It’s free to join with very affordable upgrade options starting at only $4.99 per month. There are no transaction fees and each job post includes key details, so you only reach out to clients where you’re the right fit. Meela works hard to find clients for you so that you can focus on providing compassionate care. 

What does Meela do for parents? 

Meela understands that every family is unique and that the birthcare system is often broken, hard to navigate and that education and individualized care is of utmost importance. Meela works to fill some of these gaps by linking solid professionals with new and growing families who need support.

How do you get involved?

Create an Account, Create Your Profile and you are all set! Start responding to open job posts from parents and respond to parents who reach out to you directly. Check out this video from Meela about how doulas can get involved. 

Over the next few months we will be sharing more about building your doula based birth business with Meela at the forefront.

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