A Gift: To You and a Friend

Often times its easier to start a new journey with a companion, a partner in crime. Have you ever thought of becoming a doula? But you just can't seem to take the plunge? Do you know someone that would be a great doula too? Like a friend or a sister? 

As our holiday gift this year, from us to you, we would like to offer the "Bring a Friend" discount to you and your loved ones. 
If you and a friend sign up now for a DTI training you BOTH will receive $100 off the registration fee for our FULL 9 month certification program. And here is the best part, you and your friend don't have to live in the same city or take the same training!
All you need to do is email us at info@doulatrainingsinternational.com with both of your names, phone numbers and what training(s) you would like to register for. After we receive the email, both of you will receive instructions on how to register and receive the $100 discount. 
Act now! This offer expires January 15, 2013. Take advantage and join our DTI tribe at the beginning of a bright and joyful new year. 
And if you aren't sure what our all inclusive 9 month program includes, visit our site for the full breakdown. Or even call us, we'd love to hear from you. 
We hope everyone is well and enjoying the holidays! 
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