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Doula Trainings International

Online Full Spectrum Doula Training

Online Full Spectrum Doula Training

Comprehensive Full Spectrum Doula Training: Empower Birth & Beyond

Become a certified full spectrum doula and support diverse birthing experiences. Gain expertise in pregnancy, birth and postpartum, and learn how to apply the role to the full reproductive health spectrum from fertility, to loss, to pregnancy release, all through a reproductive justice lens. Start your impactful journey with DTI's online full spectrum doula training today!

What You'll Learn:

  • Inclusive Care: Provide compassionate support for all birthing people, including LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities, centering their experiences and supporting culturally responsive care.
  • Holistic Approach: Master best practices for prenatal and postpartum care, while considering reproductive justice advocacy and preparing to support all pregnancy outcomes.
  • Practical Skills: Develop hands-on skills in comfort measures, emotional support, and navigating complex situations.

Why Choose Us:

  • Expert-Led Curriculum: Learn from experienced full spectrum doulas and healthcare professionals committed to inclusive care.
  • Flexible Learning: Access comprehensive modules online, designed for self-paced study and deep understanding.
  • Live Instruction: Join live full spectrum doula training classes online with one of our educators to discuss and interact. (See schedule here!)
  • Certification: Earn a respected certification, empowering you to start your doula practice or enhance your healthcare career.

Who Should Enroll:

  • Aspiring doulas dedicated to supporting diverse birthing experiences with empathy and skill.
  • Healthcare professionals seeking to expand their scope of support and understanding.
  • Advocates passionate about reproductive justice and compassionate care.

Join the Movement:
Enroll now and join a supportive community of full spectrum doulas making a difference in birth and beyond.

Ready to Empower? Start Your Full Spectrum Doula Training Today!

By registering for a DTI full-spectrum program, you agree to the Terms & Conditions.

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Top 3 Features

  1. Get instant access to self-paced modules. Start your learning journey today!
  2. Attend virtual classes led by a member of the DTI educator team, enhancing your understanding of the material. Perfect for aspiring doulas on-the-go or at home with kiddos. View the upcoming schedule HERE.
  3. No deadlines to certify. Work at your own pace. Return to your coursework often to deepen your learning or check out a live class replay.

Interested in our select in-person trainings in Berlin or DC? You get the whole package deal: all of the above plus the 4-day retreat-style workshop.

FAQ: When Are the Live Sessions?

Check out the upcoming schedule HERE.

Download the Full Curriculum

Want to peruse the entire syllabus?

Common Questions About Our Trainings

What's included in the online training?

  • Ability to begin course lessons any time, cycle through live training sessions on a repeat schedule, and complete certification any time (no deadlines)!
  • Live training sessions guided by experienced educators on each and every topic, plus your comprehensive online course
  • 1 year of membership with doula resources
  • Access to a special doula storytelling hour each month for community and connection
  • DTI Digital Guides to help you through your training and to use with clients
  • DTI Certification Guide
  • Certification for life. Once you are certified through DTI, you never have to recertify!

What's the upcoming class schedule?

  • The full class series will cycle through every 3 months. It will repeat again in roughly the same order.
  • If you miss a session, watch the replay or catch the next one live!
  • Students have 24/7 access to their course modules, which cover the same topics formatted for self-paced, solo learning, with short, digestible lessons for an optimal experience.
  • Upcoming Class Schedule

What's the difference between online and in person?

  • When you register for any DTI training, you gain access to our full suite of courses and resources, plus ability to complete your certification on any timetable that works for you, provided you remain a current member.
  • If you register for one of our 4-day workshops, you'll also experience training in a retreat-style setting with plenty of warm connection!
  • One year of membership is included in your course purchase. After the first year, optional membership can be renewed for $19.99/mo. or $220/yr. (8% savings)
  • Registered participants' training course opens instantly so you can begin your modules right away. Look out for the virtual live classes as well, so you can jump right into the next one. If you miss it, no worries. That topic will repeat again in a few weeks. And you can also catch the replay any time you are ready to dive in!
  • After the 4-day workshop and/or completing your modules, all students continue receiving monthly support: virtual live classes, doula storytelling hours, and other specialty workshops (offered each month through the membership).

We hope to see you there! Book a Free Discovery Call with our friendly program specialist if you still have questions.

How long is the training?

DTI's training allows you to begin your work and complete certification any time you are ready. The 4-day in person option is offered in select locations, such as Washington, DC, Los Angeles, and Berlin, Germany.

In most cases, the online course modules can be completed in roughly 1 semester, or 3 months.

If you wish to advance through the modules quickly, we recommend devoting a minimum of 1-2 hours, 2x per week to focus on completing the course lessons and required readings.

Your training includes a top-quality curriculum, including Cultural Humility, our Slow Doula Method,® DTI’s core concepts and all the how-tos of managing a doula business, supported by live calls with a DTI educator. As you complete studies, you're encouraged to work in the field as soon as possible to begin gaining the experience required for full certification. We'll strategize with you on how to do this.

All current members are eligible to submit completed documentation to receive lifetime certification (full requirements listed below), whenever they are ready. Client work must have occurred within the past 12 months and after their DTI training. Please Contact Us if you have any further questions! Our team is happy to help.

What are the certification requirements?

The checklist is pretty simple!

  1. Support 2 or 3 clients as a labor doula. If 3, your requirement is complete. If 2, you may support a 3rd client for another reproductive health need, such as fertility, loss, or a pregnancy release (full-spectrum doulas only). If you have questions about what is considered client support, we provide comprehensive guidance.
  2. Support 2 clients as a postpartum doula (full-spectrum and postpartum-only doulas)
  3. Complete the required forms and write journal entries for these client interactions.
  4. Complete the reading checklist
  5. Create a resource referral list to share with your clients, to include a broad range of reproductive health support (practitioners, providers, or other supportive resources).
  6. Observe and document attendance at a childbirth education class or series in your community.
  7. Attend and complete an Infant and Child CPR Certification.
  8. Observe a class for expectant or new parents. This could be a new parent support group, a breastfeeding class, or a newborn care class in your community.
  9. Write a simple Business Strategy Outline to set you on the right path when leaving the program.
  10. Write 2 brief essays: one describing the role of the doula and another sharing how you wish to make an impact in your community as a doula.

That's it! Once your documents are completed and submitted through our system, a DTI team member will review and approve within 4-6 weeks.

Begin your doula work any time you are ready. There are no deadlines with DTI. As long as your membership remains current, you are welcomed to submit your certifying doula work any time. The certifying doula work must have occurred sometime after beginning your training and within the last 12 months from the day you are submitting.

We recommend that you begin seeking client work no later than the end of month 3 after starting your program to ensure the best motivation and continuity.

How do I find clients?

By far the most common question! Our instructors provide plenty of guidance for this during the business-focused classes. One of the first things you should do is get started building your resource list. Make a task list that includes making at least 1 new connection every single week! This could be with another doula in your community, a childbirth educator, a pediatric & family chiropractor, a midwife, and many others. This will provide the best possible chance for you to begin receiving direct referrals to your amazing doula care!

What happens if I don't complete certification after training?

  1. There are no deadlines to complete certification with DTI, provided your membership remains current.
  2. 1 year of DTI membership is included with any doula training course purchase. Inside your welcome email, follow the instructions for setting up a Membership & Learning account. A card is required for setup, but you will be charged $0.00. Choose a renewal interval that works for you, monthly or annually. The membership will auto-renew 1 year later, unless you cancel.
  3. Current members also retain access to their course lessons.
  4. Members who have lapsed for longer than 6 months may certify by purchasing the DTI Certification Pathway.

Do I need to certify to be a doula?

Actually, no! Certification is not required in our field. However it is preferred by many doulas as a beneficial process for gaining confidence and building a professional practice. In some states, if you wish to support Medicaid clients, there will be a credentialing or registration process that includes the requirement of either proof of training or proof of certification.

Will I need to re-certify?

You'll never have to recertify (if you're working as a doula, you’re staying current), but you'll continue to find support and resources through DTI's annual membership renewal. One year of access to this membership is included with your registration.

How large are DTI cohorts?

We prioritize connection and community in our trainings which is why our groups are intentionally small. You'll attend classes with no more than 10 other aspiring doulas to ensure you get 1:1 attention with your instructor and peers.

Not sure which DTI training is right for you?

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