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In WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME THIS? doulas and reproductive health experts Natalia Hailes and  Ashley Spivak answer these questions and more for today's wellness-focused, intersectional  parents-to-be. Drawing on years of experience in their birth doula practice Brilliant Bodies, Natalia  and Ashley: 

  • Guide readers through the entire process of childbirth, from pregnancy through the  immediate postpartum period 
  • Empower readers to explore their own individual needs, know their rights, and find their  voice both during and after pregnancy 
  • Address the doubts and fears that often surround childbirth 
  • Offer concrete advice and tips for partners 

Packed with engaging, easily digestible information on a wide array of birth and parenting styles,  this unique and inclusive guide is the perfect tool for millennial parents. 


Ash Spivak is an Internationally Certified Birth Doula and co-founder of Allbodies (allbodies.com), a digital  platform for modern health education. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Newsweek,  and Teen Vogue

Natalia Hailes is a birth doula, lactation specialist, and reproductive health advocate. She's worked with  hundreds of families supporting them through pregnancy and beyond. Her work has been featured in  Newsweek, Refinery29, and Well+Good, among others. Learn more at nataliahailes.com.