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Oud Embroidery

Social Justice Embroidery Kits

Social Justice Embroidery Kits

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Give yourself a break with a Social Justice Embroidery Kit! Embroidery is the perfect calm and engaging activity that can easily be put down and started up again - great for breaks long and short! Handcrafted by a biracial, queer small business owner and actor, these kits are packed with everything you need to begin your embroidery journey. Each design has a focus on activism, pride in your identity, and social justice! Everything included in the kit is handmade, packaged, and designed, from the pattern to the instruction tutorials! Thanks for helping this
Chicago-based small business blossom!

What’s Included:
Embroidery Hoop
Two Pieces of Kona Cotton Fabric
Two Needles (in case you lose one, it happens to the best of us)
Instruction Booklet

General Difficulty Levels (though each design is doable for beginners!):
Vulva Moons: Beginner
Check Yourself: Beginner
Support Trans and Non-Binary Birthing People: Beginner-Intermediate
Do The Work: Intermediate - Advanced
Reproductive Justice Doula: Intermediate-Advanced


Designed by Oud Embroidery :)

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