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September 19th: how to plan for retirement as an entrepreneur // workshop

September 19th: how to plan for retirement as an entrepreneur // workshop

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How to Plan for Retirement as an Entrepreneur will be Tuesday, September 19th at 11am CT / 12pm ET

Have you been putting off making a plan for retirement? Does the thought of a traditional retirement at the age of 65 sound unappealing to you?

Have you completely written off the possibility of retirement?

Join Jen Mayer, Financial Counselor and Founder of Fully Funded, for a virtual workshop designed specifically to teach self-employed people and freelancers how to save and plan for retirement or a work-optional future. In this workshop Jen will be covering:

  • Different tax-advantaged retirement accounts that self-employed people can opt into
  • The ins and outs of compound interest and how it applies to you
  • Varying options in what retirement can look like and how to reasonably plan and save for one that works for you


This workshop is led by guest facilitator Jen Mayer, a Brooklyn based mom of two, a financial counselor, a former doula, and has been self-employed her entire adult life. Jen’s passion is working with parents and self-employed people to implement financial strategies so they can live with financial confidence, less stress, and meet their lifelong goals.

Jen’s background is in the wellness industry. She was a licensed massage therapist and birth doula for almost 15 years. She’s helped hundreds of families prepare for the birth of their baby during pregnancy, and the transition into parenthood postpartum. Jen runs a doula collective in NYC, Baby Caravan, where she manages a team of over 70 doulas supporting families. Jen started Fully Funded in 2021 to support self-employed folks and parents as a financial counselor, helping people build financial plans to meet their financial needs and objectives. She works with clients through individualized coaching, and her group coaching program called, Money Club.

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