Doula Trainings International

May 10th: Business boundaries: Tools and tarot to help you and your clients flourish // workshop


Holding Space will be Wednesday, May 10th at 11am CT / 12pm ET

Do you know in theory that you don’t have to kill yourself with work and that you deserve to be well-paid but you just don't feel it in your bones?

When dealing with difficult client situations or conversations, do you collapse into doubt and self-critique--or immediately move into attack mode? Do you want to transcend burnout and build a flourishing business with boundaries?

Join Laura Paskell-Brown, birth doula and founder of Tarot Doula for a virtual workshop where together we will explore specific tools for building a business built on self-care, self-worth and service; a business where both you and your client can flourish. During the workshop we will look at:

  • Ways to identify clients who might not be the best fit for you as their doula

  • Setting a price that feels good to you and works for your life as well as your budget

  • Specific tools for dealing with both the practicalities and emotions that come up around the sticky situations that ALL birth doulas encounter


This workshop is led by guest facilitator Laura Paskell-Brown, birth doula and founder of Tarot Doula