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December 15: fatphobia: size liberation and reproductive health // workshop

December 15: fatphobia: size liberation and reproductive health // workshop

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Let's Talk About Fatphobia will be Friday, December 15th at 12pm CT /  1pm ET / 7pm CET

By attending this workshop, participants will develop a deeper understanding of the intersection of fatphobia and reproductive health & justice, become more prepared to challenge societal norms, and gain tools for driving positive change in the field.

Join us for an interactive journey with Alyssa, the visionary founder of Shimoji Studios and DTI's very own program specialist! In this empowering workshop, we'll discover how to challenge stereotypes, create inclusive spaces, and become an advocate for change. Get ready to celebrate diversity, break down barriers, and transform the future of reproductive healthcare. Let's liberate the conversation together!

Workshop goals:

  1. Understand the intersection: Participants will gain insight into the complex intersection of fatphobia and reproductive health and justice. They will learn how societal biases and prejudices affect individuals' experiences in reproductive healthcare and rights, and why addressing this intersection is crucial.
  1. Challenge stereotypes: The workshop will empower attendees to challenge stereotypes and biases related to body size and reproductive health. They will learn practical strategies to combat fatphobia, promote inclusivity, and foster a more equitable environment for all individuals, regardless of their body size.
  1. Advocacy and allyship: Participants will leave with the knowledge and tools to become advocates for change. They will learn how to support and ally with those facing fatphobia in the realm of reproductive health and justice, and they will be equipped to contribute to creating a more just and inclusive healthcare system.




This workshop is led by Alyssa Barbee, program specialist at DTI

Alyssa Barbee is the vibrant founder and creative force behind Shimoji Studios. As a fat, queer, sex-positive, and neurodivergent Pacific Islander, they bring a unique perspective to the world of reproductive health and justice.

Their mission is clear: to challenge biases and celebrate inclusivity with a passion that's as contagious as it is empowering. Alyssa's expertise at Shimoji Studios, a creative agency that lives and breathes intersectionality, brings a fresh, fun, and innovative approach to communication, design, and education.

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